We have been in the Real Estate and Construction business for over two decades. Our Experts understand the property cycle, foresee the investment risks and know the rules of engagement in the countries of EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Clients without clichés. We simply bring solutions to their projects, with the flexibility of outsourcing their risks to any measure they chose.

Under EUROPTIMA, we merge all our operating businesses and consolidate our resources and knowhow to give Clients even better quality services and more risk-sharing options.

EUROPTIMA continues to offer Advisory, Management & Economics skills. We also offer new expertise of financial engineering and strategic investment studies.

EUROPTIMA TURNKEY provide single contract delivery. We offer our clients the opportunity to outsource the design-build process with its complications and risks.  EUROPTIMA practices all forms of single delivery contracts including Construction Management, PPP, BOT, PFI...

We are grateful to our many Clients and Partners whose continued trust and loyalty are key to the special relationships that bind us. Striving to achieve their satisfaction is at the heart of every action we take. Make EUROPTIMA your trusted Real Estate Partner. 

Gaby Tayoun - Chairman & CEO

It is our VISION that proper planning and forward thinking are essential ingredients for every success.

It is our VISION there are no limits in innovating, investing, provoking, challenging, and permanently renewing and regenerating. We believe in continuously setting new heights and standards.

It is our MISSION to show Excellence in everything we do, and to achieve the highest performance standards in every task we undertake.

It is our MISSION to bring forward innovative solutions, and to embrace the challenges of problem-solving and risk management.

It is our MISSION to give the younger generations in every country we operate in the opportunity to build a professional life based on sound ethics and values, and to give them all equal chances of prosperity. 

We believe in working with honesty and sensitivity towards nature and the environment, and in protecting its generous offerings. DEVOTION, HONESTY & HARD WORK are our basic VALUES. We have built a reputation of loyalty and devotion, forging lasting relationships with our Clients, Investors, Partners, and staff alike.

We will always strive to achieve excellence in our living environment.  To accomplish and deliver quality.