Hospitals & Clinics

We live longer, healthier, and retire earlier. More than ever we want to stay fit. We need CARE along the way: clinics, hospitals, day centers, fitness centers, beauty parlors, third age residences, are all part of our needs and expectations. The healthcare business is itself changing in shape: more than ever, bio-medical inventions and new equipments are impacting facilities demands. Relocating healthcare facilities is prohibitive economically:

At EUROPTIMA, we manage healthcare projects with a view that healthcare buildings should be flexible to continuous change.

Hotels & Resorts

Almost a billion room nights are booked annually in hotels and resorts.

EUROPTIMA Hotels & Resorts experts have been involved in quality hospitality buildings for the last twenty years. We have built up a collective intelligence and knowledge based on the experience of working with most of the industry players who all bring their own specification to the hospitality and its demanding customers. We have been fortunate to work with the best and most established and successful of International Operators. 

Malls & Outlets

Proximity or variety? For each its benefit and days! In the last century we moved from souks, to corner shops, to outlets, to malls! Going to shopping destinations [Malls & outlets] requires time and commuting planning – it has become less frequent. Adding to them Leisure & Food offerings have made them family outgoings on weekends. Proximity shopping is the answer for the rest of the week, and electronic shopping is scraping a part of the visitors.

EUROPTIMA AIMS TO achieve a balance in all THE developments WE ARE INVOLVED IN. 

Offices & Business Parks

Our working environment is changing fast. Technology evolution is introducing radical changes to the size, shape, quality and quantity of the workplace: be it an office, a factory, or a public destination, our working space criteria are influenced by our working tools and expectations. Machines are becoming smaller and more powerful, comfort levels are becoming stricter and more demanding, job changes are more frequent as our global economy cycles vary violently.


Public Buildings

We spend the quarter of our normal lives in kindergardens, schools, colleges, universities and research institutes! Many residential development successes have been attributed to the presence of an educational institute on the site.

We at EUROPTIMA pay utmost attention and care in introducing reputed Education Institutions, and IN providing them with the best facilities on our sites. 

Residential & Communities

Regardless of set standards, it is a Developer’s responsibility to provide healthy, hygienic, safe, friendly and culturally integrated living environment to the residential districts. We at EUROPTIMA always aim for more: we believe that the residents and visitors of our developments aspire for betterment in their lifestyle. We bring the best in aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and recreational space. We plan it all with easy maintenance, working closely with our Clients – Governments, Developers

Urban Developments & Mixed Use

Festivals, Films, Shows, Musicals, Plays, Events, all need their spaces! Audiences are increasing permanently. Designing and building Theaters, Cinemas, Auditoriums, is a fascinating challenge marrying acoustics, vision lines, public flow management and backstage logistics.

Any urban mixed-use development is incomplete without the entertainment and cultural offer.   


We provide total Management services from Concept to delivery covering all the necessary stages: Strategy, Feasibility, Financing, Design, Construction, Marketing, Sales and Exit strategy. In line with the set strategy, we work with Developers, co-Investors, Operators and Tenants to complete the development team.

EUROPTIMA have completed over 2’000 Hectares of Master developments for mixed use towns and residential communities. Currently we have under our management 3 new towns and 2 Mixed use development sites totaling 260 Hectares, 2.7 Million M² of BUA, with a total  investment value of 7 billion US$. We believe in the Real Estate dogma of “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION” and add EUROPTIMA’s signature of “QUALITY, COMFORT & SUSTAINABILITY”.

Since birth, people’s immediate needs are food, shelter, health and education. All nations are faced with a challenge of achieving a balance between the ever increasing demand and the diminishing natural resources. EUROPTIMA Experts are sensitive to putting to the best use the resources available to every project.