EUROPTIMA Economists are driven by added value. Our clients are assisted throughout the entire process of critical decision making to reach a successful outcome to their investment. We consider the impact on revenues as well as costs and we are therefore able propose solutions to the many challenges facing developers and investors.  We strive to improve client investment returns.  Our structured value management approach ensures all unnecessary costs are eliminated and our BREEAM approved cost in use modeling ensures the optimal selection of building components.

For cost management during procurement and construction Europtima has developed its own secure internet based cost management programme – Optimum Cost Manager.  Clients are able to access the system through a secure web portal and have the ability to search all budget, change order, purchase order and payment certificate information for their project “live”.  Summary and detailed reports can also be printed at any point by the Client for his own use.  Our services include but are not limited to:

● Development Appraisals and Financial Modeling
● Concept Cost Estimate and benchmarking
● Whole life cost modeling
● Cash flows
● Value Management and Value Engineering
● Cost Plans and Cost Management pre-construction
● Procurement and tender management
● Tender Evaluation
● Cost Management during construction
● Negotiation and Final Accounts
● Valuation of defects and release of retentions
● Quantity Surveying
● Development Loan & Project Monitoring

Complex is a one of the adjectives that accompanies a real estate project throughout its lifecycle. Be it an Hospital, Hotel or a Resort, an Information Technology (IT) Park, a Shopping Mall, a new Urban Development (Mixed Use), or Office and Business Parks many flying pieces and uncertainties dominate the minds of project stakeholders. We all know that the next challenge is always just around the corner and only well trained Professionals can minimize and manage these challenges and their associated risks.

Now if we add to the above, the complexity of the country in which the project is being implemented, then resources and standards issues arise, local regulations and constraints become vivid, and with no warning unpleasant surprises start mushrooming up leading to an expensive adjustment of the project financial and non financial characteristics.

In addition to the above, the funding of a project has its own dimension of complexity. With their eyes on the scope and budget of the new or running project, money people tend to balance these two factors without affecting the financial potential of the project. While they will listen to architects and engineers, they are more keen to fold back to their own vision. This leads to scope creep and definitely to new expenses which have not accounted for.

With Europtima's Advisory Services, clients will be able to tap into the depth and breadth of our Advisors in order to address the three types of complexities described above. With our extensive experience across 17 countries in the ENEMA regions, our deep understanding of each country culture and regulations and needs, our rich real estate completed projects database across all sectors, and our financial background as investors our Trusted Advisors will assist our clients to navigate through the maze of a project and help them avoid mistakes, identify risks at an early stage, prevent inefficiencies, and introduce them to Europtima's extensive database of key players per sector.

Our Advisors will bring to your project independent and unbiased Best Practices advice, supported by historical data as well as case studies. Our core areas of Advisory expertise are:

● Strategic and Financial Feasibility
● Site Analysis, Best Use
● Development Program Definition
● Market Positioning
● Operators Identification and Selection
● Public-Private-Partnership (PPP)
● Investment Structuring
● Taxation
● Due Diligence
● Acquisitions
● Appraisal and Valuation
● Loan Monitoring
● Performance Monitoring
● Owner Representation
● Claims & Litigation
● Damage Evaluations

We all know that it takes a solid team to execute each step of the project (from inception, completion, to exit), and our Professionals can be inserted as  integrated members into our clients' team defending the project's interests and transferring their knowledge to the clients' organization.

If you like to reach us for more information on how we can help, just drop us a line.

We offer a complete set of management services from inception to completion of projects. The offer can be adapted and modified to provide made-to-measure solutions taking into account the project’s conditions and the Client’s structure and strategy.  Effective management relies on a clear and accurate understanding of the clients objectives and requirements.  At Europtima we are proud of the close working relationships that we have developed with our clients.

● Master Planning
● Programme Management
● Development Management
● Change Management
● Project Management
● Design Management
● Relocation Management
● Fit-Out Management
● Cost Management
● Contracts & Procurement Management
● Construction Management
● Tenant Co-ordination