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Europtima sponsors Bartur Photo Award competition

In EUROPTIMA we fully identify with the key themes of the BARTUR Photo Award which are UNITY IN DIVERSITY and CLIMATE CHANGE. For this reason we decided to support the competition as a sponsor.

The power of art, the power of photography has always been a significant tool of exploration and expressing the global values. Today, Photography through its visual impact, matters more than ever. It helps us understand the world around. It has an impact not only on small local communities but also reaches far across borders. Regardless of who the creator and recipient are, no one can remain indifferent. Photography entwines cultures, languages, aesthetics, induces reflection and discussion, sometimes expresses disapproval and criticism.

In this particularly difficult moment in the world, due to the epidemic of coronavirus, a good photo can open borders, which in reality are closed. It ‘s a message carrying  not only information, but above all of beauty and sensitivity without restrictions.

We are proud of our decision to support the BARTUR Photo Award, and wish the participants that their every shot is a meaningful one.